Organic Ingredients

Raw ginger root with the word 'GINGER' overlaid on a neutral background.
Basket of cut lemons used in the formulation of Woodroot Tonic.
Cloves, an anti-inflammatory ingredient in Woodroot Tonic.
Cinnamon sticks a powerful gut healthy spice going back hundreds of years.
Cayenne pepper, a star ingredient in Woodroot Tonic used to boost energy levels and decrease inflammation in the gut.
The powerful antioxidant functional mushroom chaga, used in Woodroot Tonic to help reduce stress and anxiety.
Orange peel used in Woodroot Tonic herbal elixir.
Apples, used to create apple cider vinegar, a star gut health ingredient used in Woodroot Tonic.
Ayurvedic herb ashwagandha added to Woodroot Tonic for its strong healing properties.